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Our Product Range

We’re super excited to present our initial product range with you. As you will see throughout our products we love minimal design.

Oak climbing brush design

Boulder Brush

Our climbing brush is designed for indoor and outdoor use the oak construction maximises the climbing brush lifecycle. The bristles are dense boars hair giving you effective removal to clean holds that are full of dirt, grease, rubber, chalk and grime, all for better grip.

  • Solid Oak
  • Dense Boars Hair Bristles
  • Pre Drilled for Harness Attachment
Grey beanie

Bouldering Beanie

Our grey knitted beanie helps to keep you warm on those night sessions. Each beanie is complemented with one of our trademark woven labels. Perfect for winter and crushing those projects!

  • One Size
  • Stretchy
  • Ribbed Knit
Liquid chalk

Our Liquid Chalk keeps your skin coated with chalk on long boulder problems or intense climbing routes.

Where it is impossible, or too strenuous, to take a hand off for a dip in the chalk bag, liquid chalk dries on your hands and fingers, and the dried layer of chalk is much more resilient to rubbing off than conventional chalk, so you can climb more moves before your skin begins to wet out.

After a day at work your skin is likely to be quite greasy, and pulling on marginal holds will be that little bit harder. If you want a clean start to your evening session try a quick splash of Liquid Chalk first.

  • Wear resistant liquid chalk
  • Quick to apply and quick to dry
  • Handy 200ml bottle

We hope to release more products in the near future. Support the Crucis Climbing brand today!

Our Journal

Learn about our latest climbing products, recent crag trips and anything climbing related. Delve in to the Crucis Climbing world!